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So yesterday I went downtown to Occupy Detroit with my friend Allisen. She’s a photographer and wanted to capture the essence of the movement… (that’s sounds deep right lol) I grabbed my camera and tried to do the same…

I love the overall idea of the Occupy movement, I just hate that there are not enough people to support or who bother to find out the facts. People automatically classify these people as hippies, but the reality of it is politics effect us all no mater what lifestyle you choose.

Well… I cant fit them all here but check out these pics and let me know what you all think about them! I would love some feedback….??

  1. fuzzytek answered: Will you be protesting today? I hope to see you downtown. We need more coverage, more people, more roar.
  2. ammamama answered: I like your pics and I really like your Kente bag. I honestly have never heard of this movement. I will go read about it.
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